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You like tomato – I like tomato

Sometimes I am not really in the mood for cooking or I don’t have the time. Lately my little baby Clementine has kept me busy with preparing meals for her. And then her meals come back out on several different ends of her body to keep me even more busy. She hates to see me relax…

I love eating healthy though and I don’t really like ordering take out food all the time either, so I have a couple of „recipes“ that are quick, easy, and healthy at the same time. To call them „recipes“ almost doesn’t make sense because I just play most things by ear. This tomato soup is one of them. If I am really hungry I cook some pasta along with it and change the name from soup to sauce. Same difference in my kitchen.

Liz is also a fan of quick and easy cooking. She also likes cooking without recipes, but our tomato soup is pretty much the same thing!

Most of the time it goes like this:

1 onion

1 garlic clove

olive oil

1 cup of cheap red wine

salt and pepper

5 tomatoes (or a can of tomato chunks)

fresh basil if I have

old bread for croutons

Coarsely chop up the onion and the garlic and fry it in a pot with some olive oil. Add the red wine and let it simmer for a couple of minutes. Add salt and pepper. Optionally you can also use vegetable broth and/or some jalapeno. Chop up the tomato in cubes and add them to the mix. Puree everything in a mixer, top off with basel and you’re done! For the croutons I cut some old white bread into small cubes and fry it in some butter and garlic. In this case I used an old poppy seed pretzel that I had that was too dry to eat.

– Jewels




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